What is Ezlife  Solutions?

Ezlife  Solutions offers its members great deals and discounts on products and services appointed by Ezlife  Solutions. Where it’s members will be able to get great deals from Ezlife Solutions partners who are part of our client-merchant loyalty program.

Our mission is to ensure the service provider has an ever growing base of loyal clients which will enable businesses to offer greater discounts to Ezlife  Solutions members. This creates a mutually beneficial relationship between both the customers and service providers.

The idea was born from the daily struggle of many discount cards on ones key chain! Ever went through your keychain or wallet in front of a cashier trying to find the proper discount card? Yep! That is where we started. Why would I overwhelm myself with carrying many discount cards. When I only need to carry one card for everything. It is an easy and quick way to give me access to better deals and great discounts from even more service and product providers. This leads to even more great savings for its loyal members.

Benefits of Ezlife  Solutions?

  • Discounts anytime at Ezlife  Solutions partner’s location. 
  • Discount on the entire store with each and every purchase.
  • Save more than 5000 taka per Year.
  • Free membership by using Ezlife  Solutions referral program.