The Company is the loyalty program organizer which has the following description: 
Ezlife  Solutions is the loyalty program organizer where the customer will be able to get a discount on various products or services appointed by Ezlife. We offer great discount programs to help business merchants and individual business owners to retain their customers. Also, we ensure customers buying behavior to make each of their visit as a purchase. 
Customer loyalty program is not a new thing in a business arena. The concept has been around for many years. The entire business merchant individually arranged and provided their discount program through their membership card. Also, some loyalty or discount program organizers arranged and provided the same service for the consumer. The entire customer loves to use that program for getting some discount and saving their daily expenses. But day by day customer is facing a lot of problems to use that kind of program what they need every day. If they want to use all kind of business merchant’s loyalty program, they have to register with everyone and keeps everyone’s card which is not take placed in their wallet. And also, if they want to use the loyalty program organizer’s membership card they have to wait till they reach the target points and get benefits from them. 
Considering the customer’s benefits problem and organize their wallet, Ezlife comes up with great solutions and gives them all services under one umbrella. We provide Discount each and every purchase on the entire store, not an individual product. 
Registration and Account
In order to access Ezlife's real-time commerce platform made available via the Services, you will be required to create an account and provide certain registration information (“Registration Data” ). By registering for an account via the Services, you agree (a) to create a strong password, (b) that all information provided in the Registration Data is true and accurate, (c) that you will maintain and update the Registration Data in order to keep it current, complete, and accurate, (d) to maintain the security of your account by protecting your password and restricting access to your account and any Social Media acount linked to your account, (e) to promptly notify Ezlife if you discover or otherwise suspect any security breaches related to your account or any Social Media account linked to your account, and (f) to take responsibility for all activities that occur under your account and accept all risks of any authorized or unauthorized access.
For The Customer or Member
Certain Conditions
For the Everyday Member Discount, or other benefit to apply, the Membership account must be active and available at the time of purchase. Members will NOT be reimbursed retroactively for purchases made without an active and available Membership at the time of purchase.
The Everyday Member Discount will be applied after all eligible discounts and deductions (e.g., non-Member discounts, seasonal sale discounts, etc.) are applied, except for coupons or where otherwise noted. 
The Everyday Member Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any coupons or with any corporate or prearranged group discounts, unless specifically stated. Such exclusion includes the following, without limitation: Educator discounts; employee discounts; corporate or institutional discounts.
Memberships are for individual use only and are non-transferable. When used online at www.ezlifebd.com, a Member number may only be associated with one Ezlife account.
Members will get the discount percentage each and every time on an entire purchase on top of all the internal offer by merchant but third party coupon or discount may not applied together with ESL discount. 
We expect Members to submit and maintain accurate and current user information in connection with their Memberships. Such information includes name, address, email address, and telephone number. Periodically we will utilize the National Change of Address (NCOA) system to update the mailing address of accounts in our database, through information provided by the United States Postal Service. Members can change their account information by updating Member profile data through an authenticated www.ezlifebd.com account. We cannot assume any liability for correspondence, mail or e-mail that is lost, delayed, or misdirected.
Membership Fee
The annual Membership fee is currently ৳700.00 taka with 7.5% VAT for Physical card membership and ৳650.00 taka with 7.5% VAT for virtual card membership. We may change the Membership fee at any time, but changes will apply only to new and renewal Memberships.
Membership fees are not refundable. However, we will refund the new or renewal Membership fee within ten (10) days of the purchase date of the new or renewal Membership or the Renewal charge date of the Membership, i) if you did not use your Membership to obtain an eligible discount or benefit during the new or renewal Membership term or ii) if your Membership was renewed during your current Membership term and the renewal Membership term has not yet started.
Term; Automatic Renewal; Billing
The Membership term is one year, beginning on the date of purchase. A Renewal or Automatic Renewal within a current Membership term extends the existing expiration date of the Membership by one year; such renewal term begins the day after the current term ends. When an expired Membership is renewed, the new Membership term is one year, beginning on the date of renewal.
When you enroll as a member of Ezlife Solutions and do not opt out of Automatic Renewal prior to your renewal date, or if you have last renewed your Membership from Ezlife and your account shows that you have not opted out of Automatic Renewal, upon your next and subsequent renewals the then current Membership fee will be billed to: (i) the form of payment we currently have on file for you that was used to enroll in the Membership, (ii) the form of payment we currently have on file for you that you provided to us at the time of renewal, or when making a purchase with your Member card at www.ezlifebd.com, or (iii) the form of payment we currently have on file for you that you updated through your authenticated www.ezlifebd.com account, or by calling Member Services at 01981-186939.
Cancellation; Termination
You have the right to cancel your Membership at any time. If you cancel your Membership, you will only be entitled to a full refund of your new or renewal Membership fee within ten (10) days of the purchase date of the new or renewal Membership or the Renewal charge date of the Membership, i) if you did not use your Membership to obtain an eligible discount or benefit during the new or renewal Membership term; or ii) if your Membership was renewed during your current Membership term and the renewal Membership term has not yet started. No refunds will be available after such Ten (10) day period (unless we terminate the Ezlife Member Program in its entirety; see subsection below regarding program termination). Subject to the foregoing, you may cancel your Membership by: (i) calling Member Services at - 01981-186939 (ii) contacting us via email at care@ezlifebd.com, or (iii) Use Ezlife’s website membership cancelation option from your profile page .
We may terminate your Membership, including any associated accounts, without notice, for any reason in our sole discretion, including without limitation our belief that continued use of such Membership would violate any provisions of this Agreement, applicable law, or otherwise be harmful to our interests. In the event of any such termination, you will not be entitled to a refund of your Membership fee.
Money back guarantee:
The effective date of membership cancelation, ESL will refund full money within 3 to 5 business  days.
Penalty fees:
If You cancel within the ten (10) business days from the date of ESL discount card membership enrollment or renewal enrollment, any payments made by me under this Agreement and any instrument (Discount Membership card)executed by you will be returned within ten (10) business days following receipt by Ezlife of your Cancellation Notice. You also agree that the cancelation of membership must first be approved by the COMPANY prior to its return and all shipping charges for the return of membership card must be prepaid by you for delivery back to the COMPANY. You further have to understand that within (10) business days of accepted service cancelation, if you fail to return membership card back to the Company, you must have to be paid ৳700.00 taka as a penalty which is charge from your enrollment time credit,debit card, bkash or other media.
Merchant Loyalty Programs
Discount Information :
Ezlife Solutions Limited shall promote the Discount. Merchant is the seller of the goods and services described in this agreement. The discount card itself will be sent to the purchaser directly. The purchaser will then redeem the discount from the Merchant.
   a. Merchant is giving discounts on Merchant goods and/or services available pursuant to the discount percentage.
   b. Merchant is giving discounts pursuant to the discount percentage each and every time on an entire purchase and/or services.
   c.  Merchant is giving discounts pursuant to the discount percentage each and every time on an entire purchase on top of all the internal offer by merchant and/or coupons.
   d. Merchant consent agreement will be apply all of their corporate, franchise and individual branches.
Discount Publication and Delivery : 
Discounts shall be published on the Website and/or through ESL flyers and/or any other promotional way decided by ESL.
Merchant shall be solely responsible for all customer service for supplying and the quality of products / services.
Merchant can't reject, revise or discontinue the discount before the end of the contract.
License :  Merchant grants to ESL a non-exclusive worldwide license and right to use, reproduce, license, display, distribute and transmit the Merchant’s name, logo and any trademarks (“Merchant Marks”) and any photographs, graphics, artwork, text and other content provided or specified by Merchant (“Content”) in connection with the marketing, promotion, sale or distribution of Discounts, in any and all media or formats, including but not limited to, on the ESL Website.  
Free Local are based Marketing : 
Merchants are allowed to do free local area marketing by sending 2000 free sms through ESL gateway twice a year.
Term and Termination : This Agreement shall continue in effect for the longer of one (5) years following the Effective Date. ESL may terminate this Agreement at any time for any reason by giving the Merchant written notice of such termination. Discount has to be active for 24 hour after the termination happens.
Terms of agreement  fees:  no fees at all. get all service without any cost
Business Model :  Ezlife is the Discount program organizer, a business merchant is the discount provider and the customer is the paying party for Ezlife.
Merchant Representations and Warranties, and Indemnification
Merchant represents and warrants throughout the Term that: (a) Merchant has the right, power and authority to enter into this Agreement; (b) Merchant is registered for sales and use tax collection purposes in all states in which Merchant’s goods and services will be provided pursuant to the terms and presentation of the Discount; (c) the Discount, upon being Activated and delivered by ESL shall be available immediately for redemption by the purchaser; (d) the terms and conditions of the Discount, including any goods and services offered there under, comply with all, and do not and will not violate any, local, state or federal law, statute, rule, regulation, or order (“Laws”), including but not limited to, any law and/or regulation governing the use, sale, and/or distribution of alcohol, any Laws governing vouchers, gift cards, coupons, and/or gift certificates; (e) Merchant owns all right, title and interest in the Marks and Content and has the right to grant the licenses in the Marks and Content stated in this Agreement; (f) the Discount and any advertising or promotion of Merchant’s products and services relating thereto will not constitute false, deceptive or unfair advertising or disparagement under any applicable Laws; and (g) the Marks and the Content do not and will not violate any copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property right or right of privacy or publicity of any third party or any Laws. 
Merchant agrees to defend, indemnify and hold ESL, its affiliated and related entities, and any of their officers, directors, agents and employees, harmless from and against any claims, lawsuits, investigations, penalties, damages, losses or expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees and costs) arising out of or relating to any of the following: (a) any breach or alleged breach by Merchant of this Agreement or the representations and warranties; (b) any claim for sales or use tax obligations (“VAT”) arising from the sale and subsequent redemption of a Voucher; (c) any claim by any local or governmental entity for unredeemed Vouchers or unredeemed cash values of Vouchers or any other amounts under any applicable abandoned or unclaimed property or escheat law, including but not limited to any claims for penalties and interest (“Abandoned Property Claims”); (d) any claim arising out of a violation of law and/or regulation governing the use, sale, and/or distribution of alcohol; or (e) any claim arising out of or relating to the products and services provided by Merchant, including but not limited to, any claims for false advertising, product defects, personal injury, death, or property damages. Without limiting the foregoing, Merchant shall pay any monies owed to any party, as well as all attorney’s fees, related to any action against, or determinations against, ESL related to any action to pursue ESL for VATs or Abandoned Property Claims.
Revenue Model 
This agreement reflects that there is no revenue sharing model between both parties. ESL responsibility is only to promote merchant products or services and provide discount to the customer on behalf of merchant. ESL is not liable for product quality.
Service Assurance 
Merchant shall have to provide agreed discount to the customer at each and every purchase. ESL and Merchant shall cooperate with each other in a reasonable manner to appropriately resolve any User complaints that may arise from the Merchant Loyalty Program or ESL Properties. Each party shall, when necessary or appropriate, or when reasonably requested by other parties, undertake a factual investigation of User complaints arising out of the ESL Properties, the Merchant Loyalty Program, and the products or services offered or provided in connection with the Merchant Loyalty Program. Any User complaints that principally concern the ESL Properties shall be promptly forwarded to ESL; all other User complaints shall be promptly forwarded to, and be the sole responsibility of, Merchant.
System Implementation:
Merchant is responsible to implement ESL discount card on their system to provide non interrupted service to the customer.
Cancellation or Suspension of the Merchant Loyalty Program; Termination; Amendments.
You may cancel the Merchant Loyalty Program only upon Thirty (30) days written notice to ESL (such date when proper notice is received by ESL being referred to as the “Notice Date”, the date Merchant Loyalty Program is cancelled, whether 90 days following the Notice Date or otherwise, being referred to as the “Cancellation Date”). We have the right to suspend the operation of any Merchant Loyalty Program or suspend an Offer or Reward, or to terminate the Merchant Agreement (including these Standard Terms) and to cancel any Merchant Loyalty Program then-running, at any time in the event that you are in material breach of the Merchant Agreement (including these Standard Terms) or if we believe that the Merchant Loyalty Program is associated with or engaged in any unlawful activity or activity that is not consistent with ESL’s high reputation or brand identity or the Merchant Loyalty Program, Offer or Reward violates any applicable law or regulation or this Merchant Agreement (including these Standard Terms). We will also have the continuing right, but not the obligation, to reject, revise, or discontinue publishing any Merchant Loyalty Program Offer and to require you to edit or modify the same for any reason, including, without limitation, to conform your Merchant Loyalty Program to these Standard Terms, other applicable ESL specifications, and/or Applicable Law. If suspension or cancellation is due to a breach by Merchant which ESL deems capable of cure, Merchant shall have 14 calendar days in which to cure such breach to the satisfaction of ESL and avoid suspension/cancellation. In the event of cancellation by Merchant, we will cease promotion of the Merchant Loyalty Program and Offers on or about the Notice Date. In the event of cancellation by ESL, we will cease promotion of the Merchant Loyalty Program and/or Offer(s) promptly. You must honor all legal Offers ‘saved’ and all Rewards earned prior to the Cancellation Date. A list of all Offers ‘saved’ and Rewards earned and unredeemed as of the Cancellation Date, will be provided to you by ESL and may also be made available to you on the merchant Website. In all cases, it is Merchant’s sole responsibility to settle all outstanding Rewards in accordance with the terms of the Merchant Loyalty Program and Applicable Law. The cancellation of the Merchant Loyalty Program, or any Offer or Reward, shall be without liability to ESL.
If ESL receive three consecutive customer complain against merchant about the declared discount which they are not getting at merchant end. In that case ESL can take legal action to the merchant and terminate their partnership agreement with penalty. 
Suspension, Modifications and Termination
ESL reserves the right to suspend your Account or access to the Service or ESL Properties at any time if we believe you are in breach of these Terms of Service. ESL reserves the right to terminate or modify these Terms of Service, terminate the Service or modify any features or aspects of the Service or ESL Properties, or modify its policies at any time, with or without notice to you. Any such termination will not affect any Rewards you have earned prior to termination. If you earn a Reward or use the Service, you shall be bound by the version of these Terms of Service in effect at the time of your purchase. If we make changes that materially affect your use of a Loyalty Program or the Service, we will post a notice of the change on the Website. You are under an obligation to review the current version of this Agreement and other published ESL policies before using the Service. 
a. Force Majeure. We shall not be liable for any failure to perform our obligations hereunder where such failure results from any cause beyond our reasonable control, including, without limitation, mechanical, electronic or communications failure or degradation.
b. Assignment. These Terms of Service are personal to you, and are not assignable, transferable or sublicensable by you except with our prior written consent. We may assign, transfer or delegate any of our rights and obligations hereunder without consent.
c. Agency. No agency, partnership, joint venture, or employment relationship is created as a result of these Terms of Service and neither party has any authority of any kind to bind the other in any respect.
d. Notices. Unless otherwise specified in these Terms of Service, all notices under these Terms of Service will be in writing and sent to:
If by electronic notice to: care@ezlifebd.com
If by personal delivery or certified or registered mail or by recognized overnight delivery service to: 
Ezlife Solutions Limited.
PC Culture Moshjid Market, 1st Floor, Room 16
Road # 10 Shekhertech, Adabor, Dhaka -1207
Phone: 01981-186939
Email: care@ezlifebd.com
Web: ezlifebd.com
e. No Waiver. Our failure to enforce any part of these Terms of Service shall not constitute a waiver of our right to later enforce that or any other part of these Terms of Service. Waiver of compliance in any particular instance does not mean that we will waive compliance in the future. In order for any waiver of compliance with these Terms of Service to be binding, we must provide you with written notice of such waiver through one of our authorized representatives.
These Terms of Use are effective and were last updated on September 18th 2019