Ezlife  Solution's member benefits?


Ezlife  Solutions offers its members great deals and discounts on products and services appointed by Ezlife  Solutions. Where it’s members will be able to get great deals from Ezlife Solutions partners who are part of our client-merchant loyalty program.

The Ezlife  Solutions experience is an excellent example of program differentiation - focused on enhancing experiences with meaningful discounts instead of earning points. Customer loyalty programs are not a new concept in the business arena. The concept has been around for many years. 


One concept is for an individual merchant to arrange and provide their own discount program with their membership cards. The second concept, is for a loyalty or discount program organizer to arrange and provide the same service for the consumer using their own unique membership cards. 


Customers love to use either concept for getting discounts and savings on their daily expenses. However, day by day customers are facing challenges on how to benefit from the different types of loyalty programs that are available to them on a daily basis. If they want to take advantage of all the loyalty programs that are available to them. They have to register with every unique loyalty program and keep all of the membership cards in their wallets or purses. This canprove to be very challenging and not practical. Another disadvantage is when they use the loyalty program membership cards. They have to wait until they reach the specific target points before they can take advantage of any benefits. 


Considering the customer’s benefits problem of reaching target points and the challenge of organizing their wallets or purses. Ezlife  Solutions came up with a great solution to provide all of the discounts and services under one umbrella. We can provide discounts on each and every purchase at any of our merchant outlets by using our membership card. The discount will be on the entire business or store, not an individual product. That is why the Ezlife  Solutions experience is a great benefit to their loyal members.